Chloe's shopping girl


How can I see Chloe’s Adornments fashions and accessories?

There are numerous ways!  Choose what is best for you:

  • Visit my in-home boutique at your convenience
  • Host a home party – either at your place or mine!
  • Host an office party
  • Attend fashion shows, events and fundraisers
  • Pop in to one of the many open houses throughout the year

I would love to host a Chloe’s Adornments party and earn free fashions and accessories.  How does this work?

You invite your friends, and I turn your home or office into a fashionable boutique!  I have an ever-evolving immense selection of the most up-t0-date and on-trend fashion and accessory collections.

If you would rather host it at my place, please do! Several of my customers have done this in the past, as they either don’t have the time or the space to host a home party. It is not an inconvenience to me at all (it’s actually super simple), and I welcome you and your guests!

There are no catalogs, no presentations, no pressure, no order taking, no waiting time, no delivery fees. In other words, you choose, buy and leave with your purchases right then and there! How much fun is that!


What do I get for hosting a home/office party? 

You will receive 15% in product credit, based on the sales of your show.

Can I stop by your in-home boutique and your open house events, without purchasing anything?

I know it might be a bit awkward coming to my place to shop, especially if you have never been here before or we don’t know each other that well.  Although not a true brick-and-mortar retail store, I want you to feel like it is.  Please come and browse at your convenience, without the obligation to purchase. While I am hoping that you are thrilled with what you see and find something that you cannot live without, I invite you stop in and take a look, rather than not see what I have at all.

I am not a pushy kind of girl.  There is no obligation to purchase, there is no minimum purchase, and there is no maximum purchase, either!

What are your in-home boutique hours?

I do not have any set hours.  This actually is an advantage to you.  You let me know what works for you, at your convenience.

Do you have a catalog?

My business is very unique.  I make several buying trips a year, and attend fashion and accessories shows to update my collections. This gives me the freedom to choose what is currently trending, and keeps new styles coming to you on a regular basis.  Since several of the pieces are truly one-of-a kind and my inventory is ever-evolving, this makes it very difficult to keep a current catalog.

Do you participate in vendor shows, such as fashion shows, ladies lunches and Girls’ Night Out events? 

Absolutely!  I would love to showcase my fashion and accessory collections at your upcoming event.

Do you participate in fundraisers?

YES!  I am a firm believer in paying it forward and always being in contribution.  Chloe’s Adornments participates in several fundraisers throughout the year, and I would be a happy to partner with you to help you raise money and awareness for your cause. I bring my boutique to your event and a portion of each and every sale will be donated to your charity.

I have heard about your “Woman of Honor”  award.  Can you please tell me about it?

In January 2010 I launched the “Woman of Honor Award”, which supports my vision of “adorning the world with a new attitude, one fashion accessory at a time!”  Would you like to nominate that special woman in your life? Please see details on the ” Woman of Honor”  page.

How would you describe the Chloe’s Adornments style?

I invest in a variety of styles – from boho to beachy, dainty to dramatic, and vintage to vogue.  I personally choose each and every piece,  always looking for that “it” fashion piece and accessory to bring into the mix.  The collections include edgy and glamorous pieces, as well as those that you can incorporate into your work or everyday life.

Does the jewelry contain any lead or nickel?

No.  All products, by law, are lead-free and nickel free.  I focus more on the design and less on the type of metal which actually keeps the prices lower.

Do you have a wholesale division?

How kind of you to ask…yes, indeed I do, and I am eager to expand.  Spas and salons are the perfect venue to offer my jewelry collection.   If you or someone you know owns this type of business, please send me a referral. If they become an account, I will give you a $25 Chloe’s Adornments gift certificate.  Chloe’s Adornments wholesale division is not limited to the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

Do you have Gift Certificates?

Yes!  In any denomination your heart desires!