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Master the Art of Epic Bracelet Layering!

Perhaps you have seen the streams of photos from magazines or Pinterest showing off armfuls of layered bracelets. Celebrities, models and even men are all about this cool trend. It truly is a fun way to showcase your personality and style, but can be a bit daunting if you aren’t quite sure how to pull it off.

I am often asked this very question at my home parties and events, so below I have assembled a handy photo gallery of varying looks to help you decipher the code! 

Buckle Up, Baby! A mixture of the same metals is what pulls these 3 varied pieces together. The styles could not be more diverse, but the same tones help this classic, bohemian wrap and glam trio co-exist stylishly.

Silver Mine!  The key component here is the silver metal.  Choose one chunky piece and then add several thinner bracelets to create this armful of monochromatic metal.  For a daytime or office look, pair down the number of bracelets to only three.

Mango Madness.  Pick a color, any color, and repeat often!  Shown here, mango, one of the hottest colors for fall, creates a rich theme that weaves through each piece.  Notice how the same color allows for a mixture of distinct style.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Sweetie!  You don’t have to go big and bold to achieve the layered effect.  These beautiful simple bracelets make a lovely statement all on their own, without ever saying a word! 

Be Symbolic! Mix together pieces that show how you feel, think symbols of faith, peace, love, or even a word or quote. What works here is that the silver and black tones in each bracelet make the collection look cohesive.

 An arm full (or armful) of fun!   The only reason I stopped is because I ran outta room!!!  This island of misfit bracelets works,  simply because I dared to give it a go.  A bit too out there for you? Edit down the pieces to just a few choice picks. 

 It’s Personal! Check out my absolute most favorite bracelet in the whole wide world! A wristband I acquired  with my daughter, Jade, when we scored tickets to Saturday Night Live!  Unlike all the other bracelets pictured, this one is so NOT for sale!!


Keep in mind the one rule….there are no rules!  Have fun, experiment.  Add a gold watch for a glam look or throw on your every day leather one for added texture.  If you are a sparkly girl, mix it up with crystals and rhinestones.  A bit more classic? Add some pearls! Coveting the current tribal vibe…then introduce some printed pieces.  

Chloe’s Adornments has over 275 bracelets in stock right now to wear alone, or mix and match to create a swagger on your own wrist.    Call me to view the entire collection of bracelets, as well as necklaces, earrings, scarves and purses. 

Or better yet, book a party and get this look and so many others…FOR FREE!


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