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Rock your “block”!

Color Blocking is among the coolest of the summer’s hottest fashions.  This oh-so-wearable trend is everywhere! The craze is burning up the runways, taking over magazines and selling out in stores.

What exactly is color blocking?  Pair two or more “blocks” of  colors to make one sharp look. The colors should be contrasting, yet still complement one another.  Tip: Stick to three colors max, in order to avoid a rainbow effect.

Need a visual?  Try this.  A rule shared by Style Prompt is to “make a triangle on the color wheel and choose two or three colors that the corners touch.” These colors will harmonize well. Find solid pieces that resemble the triangle colors, wear them together, and presto – you’re color blocking!

If you don’t have the time  to find individual pieces or hesitate  investing a lot of money to achieve this look, Chloe’s Adornments has streamlined it for you.  Example..this bracelet and handbags. These pre-made color blocked pieces are perfect for everyday wear and have taken out all of  the guess work!!

See all of your color blocked choices and  so much more at the

2012 Annual  Spring Open House!

Friday, April 27th           10 AM to 7 PM

Saturday, April 28th      10 AM to 4 PM

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